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UmmME Tumble Tots


This course helps develop their muscle strength, keeping their bones strong and improving their cardiovascular capacity; while focusing on hand/eye coordination, flexibility, tumbling, strength, music & movement, balance & awareness all while bonding with their parent/guardian. During this class children all learn to control there bodies using a circuit of tumbling equipment. The circuit aims to build a child's fundamental movement skills whilst allowing them to build their confidence and strength in a playful way. 

Creative Movement

Level 1: Offered to all students 2 - 4 years of age. This 30 minute class is a combination of basic Ballet, Tumbling, Jazz Movements with an emphasis on Musicality and Rhythmic Exercises. This introductory class introduces children to music & movement, rhythms, artistic & creative awareness, fine motor skills, cognitive development and hand/eye coordination. 

B'Ella Tots 5 - 7 Year Olds 

This class is designed specifically for students that are in Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students. Ages ranging from 5-7 years of age. This program provides students a solid foundation of Ballet technique and explores the expressive style of Tap and Jazz dance.

Classes offered in this level are Ballet & Tap. We have also introduced a Baby Hip-Hop for this age group as well.


Because Ballet is the base and most important building block of all great dancers, we encourage all of our students to study the “foundation discipline of all dance”. In addition to the Vaganova syllabus, these classes develop poise, grace and proper body carriage. Ballet classes are designed to strengthen each dancer’s body and mind. Ballet classes stress body placement, flexibility and fluidity, which allows your dancer to reach a level of artistry unmatched by other styles of dance. This style is recommended for dancers who are seriously motivated to train.

Class Levels:

Beginner, Rising (Level 3), Elite (Level 4) & Company (Audition Required)...

Pointe / Pre-Pointe

Pointe classes are available for more advanced students ages 11 and up. This program requires faculty recommendation before placement. This strenuous discipline is introduced at an Intermediate Ballet level. Students work at the barre to obtain proper alignment and strengthen their arches, ankles, and leg muscles necessary for Pointe work. Students MUST be registered in a full-hour Ballet course prior to taking pointe. 



Prerequisite for Pre-Pointe Students- Students MUST be enrolled in a full-hour Ballet class. Students must be between the ages of 9-11. This course is strenuous, and requires dancers who are serious about ballet and learning the discipline of the art.  


For anyone who has been excited by the syncopated rhythms of a tap dancer’s feet, we have a class for you. Tap builds concentration, coordination, rhythm, speed, and dexterity that offers a broad knowledge of the classical style as well as contemporary and rhythm tap technique. This is an important class to help dancers improve in all disciplines.

Class Levels:

Beginner, Rising (Level 3), Elite (Level 4) & Company (Audition Requi


 Jazz as an art form has evolved over time. However, turns, leaps, and kicks will always remain the core of our work. With a solid warm up at the beginning of each class, our Jazz program strives to improve not only the dancers’ skills, but also the strength and flexibility behind the movements. Endless combinations and across/center floor exercises are the building blocks that'll keep the dancers on their toes.

Class Levels:

Beginner, Rising (Level 3), Elite (Level 4) & Company (Audition Requi


Classes are fast paced, energetic and jam packed with fun! This class focuses on coordination, balance, body control, and rhythm. Journey with us as we explore the various styles of hip-hop, including the latest b-boy/b-girl skills, popping, locking, tutting, and many more. Hip-hop students will learn how to freestyle and express themselves, something very important in the dance industry.

Class Levels:

Beginner, Rising (Level 3), Elite (Level 4) & Company (Audition Requi


Modern encompasses Horton and Graham techniques. It is a style of theatrical dance that encourages dancers to use their emotions, moods, and inner feelings, which allows students to take their movement to new levels.


Studying the West-African culture, this class is sure to tap into our roots. 



Class Levels: Beginner & Advanced 



Designed for dance and cheer students who are interested in learning basic floor type Gymnastic skills. This class will help students to develop strength, endurance and flexibility. This program is offered to students who are 6 years of age or older. All skill levels are welcome. From forward rolls to back tucks, instruction provided on proper warm up techniques, drills, and conditioning exercises with hands on spotting.

Class Level:

Beginner & Int./Adv.

Acting 101 has been a hit since adding it to our line-up, two seasons ago! Creating Dancers who are well-rounded entertainers is what the driven purpose behind the adaption of this course. It doesn't help that our INSTRUCTOR is a BEAST, at what she does! From monologues, to dialogues, to playwriting and even prop making this class is sure to hit! Open to all students ages 8 & Up!

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