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The arts are always in constant danger, and with the current global pandemic, we are facing a real time of uncertainty... Yet here, within the doors of the B'Ella Ballerina Dance Academy, the Arts Thrive! Children Dance! Performers Grow! Friendships are Made! And History Is still being taught! 


B'Ella Ballerina Dance Academy also known as B.B.D.A., is held to a standard for having an extraordinary and powerful impact on dancers both young and old, both artistically and personally — regardless of their ability to pay tuition or purchase pointe shoes.

Policies and Procedures

" The core values of this program overlap with the core values instilled in me by my mother, at a very early age.  Those values are seeking and sharing knowledge and wisdom, taking responsibility for one's actions, respecting human dignity and committing to and supporting diversity through individuals." 

Good Attitude, Good Grooming, Good Attendance, and Practice at home are expected and highly enforced for each student. This is a PRIVATE studio and we reserve the right to dismiss any student or parent who disregards studio policy, shows inappropriate behavior, or upsets the harmony of the school. 

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