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Your Donation...

Will Continue To Provide A Platform For Us To Jump To New Heights!

B'Ella Ballerina Dance Academy, founded in 2013, and opened it's doors January 2014 by Roneisha Smith-Davis to provide our inner-city youth Dance/Performing Arts Instruction and Resources/Workshops for Youth and Parents. 


What Makes Our Program Different?

We are a mentoring dance school, prided on presenting endless artistic opportunities.  We work diligently to upbuild our youth: Academically focusing on morals and values & Artistically, encouraging them to exceed all limitations placed before them, and Personally, teaching them life lessons that will take them far beyond the studio.  "The sky isn't the limit go further!" 


How can you help?

We take pride in supporting North Philadelphia's Own Bella Ballerina Dance Academy! No donation is too small, for any act of generosity, could be the resource to help one youth life change forever. 


Make your Donation Today!


BBDA has had to cancel its future public programs, close its dance academy and stop its BBDA Dance education program, sources of support, ending the majority of the academy’s activities and cancelling traveling competitions.

Please consider making a gift to keep us moving.


We rely on you, our patrons, to help us continue offering our youth:

  1. Dance/Performing Arts Instructions

  2. The necessary funding to keep our building our home

  3. The funding to perform, and participate in different dance clinics, competitions nationally

  4. Resources/Workshops for Youth and Parents about the Performing Arts.

My contribution should be used towards the following:

Thank you for your contribution, in hopes of keeping the Arts Alive!

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