All About The Academy

B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy was founded & directed by Roneisha Smith-Davis, in October 2013. I was proud to announce the grand opening of B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy in January 2014, in the heart of North Philadelphia.  Opening her own dance studio has always been her dream, since she could remember. Growing up in the inner city streets of North Philadelphia, Roneisha mother invested a lot of time and dedication traveling miles away from home for her artistic talents.  She knew her baby was gifted, so by any means necessary she did what was necessary for her to train, study and perfect her craft.  As, Roneisha got older she realized there aren't many resources available, and with the Mayor cutting back on the performing arts programs in our schools, and the rarity of positive role models, she wanted to be the light in the hood for the younger generation.


B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy name is unique in a number of ways. Bella means BEAUTIFUL which I strongly believe every dancer/ballerina is.  No matter your physical statue, everyone is unique and your size should not dictate or burden your opportunity to be GREAT! 'Ella deprived from my late grandmother Ella-Mae who died in 1998, a month before my first real recital.  It was her who noticed my gift at the tender age of 3, but she never got to see her "Tiny Hiny" do what she loved on stage, as we danced together at home. Dance is self explanatory, it will not be what we do, rather what we shall become, and at this Academy which I preferred over studio, school and institution because this is a school dedicated solemly on special instruction.

B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy will offer classes for boys and girls ages 3 & up.  Students will become technically trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics, and will have an end of the year recital to showcase their talents. Parents, we will be offering classes for you as well, so get ready,  Adult Jazz, Modern & Adult Line Dancing will be coming your way! For this upcoming season classes are held on Saturdays from 9:00-4:00PM & Tuesday - Thursday 5pm - 8pm. Please check your schedule, to know when the class your child signed up for meets. 


Why Chose B'ella Ballerina Dance Academy ?


"We measure our success by developing environment where our students will truly enjoy and embrace the art of dance..."

Professionally Trained Instructors

Safe & Friendly Environment

Small Class Sizes, geared towards one-on-one training with dancers

Convenient Location

Low Prices


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